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No two accidents are the same, and this holds especially true for Virginia trucking accidents. The trucking industry’s complex laws combined with multiple theories of liability and responsibility make these cases exceedingly complicated. These accidents often result in severe injuries, and truck accident injury victims should consult with an attorney to discuss their rights and potential remedies.

Large commercial trucks and tractor-trailers pose significant dangers to motorists, passengers, and everyone else on the road. Accidents involving these vehicles can wreak havoc on a victim, and in many situations, an initial truck accident can set off a chain of collisions. In addition to additional vehicle collisions, these large trucks can cause infrastructure damage that may reverberate throughout an area. This damage can cause a series of unfortunate events that may result in additional accidents.

For instance, a recent Virginia news report described a tractor-trailer collision with another vehicle. Although the initial accident did not result in serious injuries, police stated several power lines were down because of the collision. Downed power lines can result in additional accidents related to the physical road hazard or malfunctioning safety lights.

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Every time we get into our cars and drive onto the road there are potential unknown dangers awaiting us. However, no one ever leaves their house for work in the morning expecting to be caught in a major car accident, much less one involving fatalities. When these tragic incidents occur, those who cause these accidents and the deaths resulting from them can be held accountable through a Virginia wrongful death lawsuit.

In a recent news report, a Virginia big-rig accident resulted in one fatality and significant traffic delays. Following a multi-vehicle crash on I-81 on a Friday afternoon, a box truck drove off the left side of the road before hitting a car and two tractor-trailers. One of the trucks proceeded to continue, driving off the left side of the road and into the median. Local authorities are still investigating the incident, and Virginia State Police Wytheville Division Crash Reconstruction and Motor Carrier Safety teams were on the scene retracing the steps of the fatal collision.

In Virginia, the law surrounding wrongful death lawsuits can be complicated. Not everyone can file a Virginia wrongful death claim, and the law is specific about who is eligible. According to state law, compensation for such claims can only be collected by surviving family members defined as “statutory beneficiaries.” The Code of Virginia meticulously highlights an order of priority concerning which relatives may file such claims on behalf of their loved ones who have passed.

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Often, truck accidents result in severe injuries and substantial property damage because of the sheer magnitude of the vehicles involved. Personal injury lawsuits stemming from trucking accidents pose unique challenges because there may be more than one liable party, since truck accidents tend to result in chain-reaction collisions. It is crucial for individuals who have been injured in a Virginia truck accident to understand their rights and potential remedies.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) administered a national study examining the rate and causes of trucking accidents. Recent findings revealed that in two-vehicle collisions involving trucks and a passenger car, the truck was responsible for the collision approximately half of the time. Furthermore, in 75% of those accidents, the truck driver’s poor decision making or failure to pay attention was the primary reason for the accident. The study also found that there were many common causes of trucking accidents. For example, some of the most common causes of trucking accidents were noted to be:

  • Impaired driving
  • Speeding
  • Fatigue
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Driver distraction
  • Aggressive driving
  • Lack of familiarity with the vehicle

Other commonly seen causes included roadway problems, inclement weather, shifting cargo, and truck malfunctions. Unfortunately, too many of these accidents resulted in disastrous consequences for the parties involved.

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