Personal Injury Lawsuits Stemming from Virginia Winter Weather Accidents

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) reports that the country experiences nearly six million accidents every year. Harrowing statistics reveal that almost 5,000 of these accidents are related to inclement weather. Icy, slick, and slippery roads cause a significant number of serious Virginia car accidents. These conditions can cause motorists to lose control of their vehicles, veer into other lanes and barriers, resulting in disastrous and potentially deadly consequences.

The majority of Virginia weather-related accidents result from heavy rainfall, fog, snow, or ice storms. As one would expect, these dangerous conditions tend to coincide with the winter months. Heavy rain, flooding, and strong winds can cause drivers to lose control, and their vehicle may be swept off the roadway. Motorists must avoid hydroplaning on flooded roads at all costs. Additionally, Driving through water may cause a vehicle to experience mechanical issues that can even cause an explosion. Although tall and large vehicles provide many protections to a driver, the inherent instability of a large vehicle compounded with strong winds may cause the drivers of large vehicles to overturn.

Similarly, icy conditions reduce the amount of friction between tires and the road. Under these conditions, drivers may need additional room and time to stop their vehicles safely. Drivers must adjust their driving to meet the road conditions; otherwise, they pose a serious risk to themselves and other motorists, passengers, and pedestrians.

For example, a recent news report described a disturbing incident that left a 19-year-old dead. Reports indicate that a pickup truck was traveling north when it slipped off of the road. As law enforcement was responding to the situation, another collision happened. Shortly, after the second crash, the teenager crashed his vehicle and was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. A total of six accidents occurred on the slippery highway within a few hours of each other.

Virginia weather-related accidents can result in long-term financial consequences to a victim and their family. In these cases, victims may recover for their damages; however, cases involving weather conditions pose many challenges. Establishing that the other driver was negligent is difficult when the driver claims that road conditions, not their negligence, caused their vehicle to skid or slip. In Virginia, plaintiffs must establish more than skidding to prove that the other party was negligent. These situations require the plaintiff to prove that the driver’s skidding was due to their negligence.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Virginia Weather-Related Accident?

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