Recovering after a Virginia Motorcycle Accident

Those who suffer injuries in a Virginia motorcycle accident may file a lawsuit to recover damages for their losses. Although motorcycle accidents are similar to other vehicle accidents, the inherent nature of motorcycles and motorcycle riding tend to present injury victims with additional challenges. Injury victims, including car drivers, passengers, and motorcycle riders and their passengers, should understand how Virginia personal injury laws may impact their claim to recover.

Operating a truck, car, motorcycle, or bike on the road requires the operator to accept a certain degree of risk. However, motorcyclists present riders and those around them with unique risks that may increase the likelihood and severity of an accident. The structural characteristics, such as its weight, design, and lack of safety features, make these vehicles more prone to serious accidents. Further, unlike typical cars, these vehicles are much more likely to experience the impact of common road hazards such as debris and uneven surfaces. Moreover, although both car and motorcycle drivers need to obtain an appropriate license, safe motorcycle driving requires the operator to possess more specialized skills.

Motorcyclists tend to receive unwarranted biases from courts and insurance companies. However, in some instances, certain powerful motorcycles and sport bikes encourage riders to engage in riskier activity, such as speeding, swerving, and quick accelerating. These behaviors can have catastrophic consequences. For instance, news sources recently reported on a serious Virginia motorcycle accident near Virginia Beach. According to reports, eight bikers traveling as part of a larger consort were weaving in and out of traffic. One of the motorcyclists slammed into another motorcycle and then into a sedan. At the same time, another biker lost control of his motorcycle, and two other bikers slammed into each other, causing one of them to lose control and slam into a steel cable. Several of those involved in the collisions were transported to hospitals.

After a Virginia motorcycle accident, the injury victim may be entitled to recover compensation for one or more types of damages. These damages may include payments for medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, pain and suffering, loss of consortium or companionship, and property damage. Cases involving multiple vehicles may present injury victims with challenges in determining liability and apportioning fault. Fault determinations are essential in Virginia car accident cases because of the state’s strict contributory negligence laws. In Virginia, a person may not recover damages if they hold any responsibility at all for the accident. As such, it is critical that injury victims consult with an attorney to ensure that they present legally and factually sound cases to the court.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident?

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