Virginia Product Liability Lawsuits Involving Vehicle Defects

Under Virginia law, individuals or their loved ones who suffer personal injuries due to a defective vehicle or component car part may hold the responsible party liable for their losses. Attorneys can assist these individuals in conducting an investigation to determine the liable parties and recover compensation. In some instances, manufacturers may issue a recall for safety-related defects. However, in many cases, a recall occurs only after several people have suffered injuries or died.

The most common vehicle defects that result in motor vehicle accidents and injuries include defective safety parts. For instance, malfunctioning airbags, defective tires and seat belts, malfunctioning brakes, and insufficient side impact protection. These defects may result in various types of injuries. Although some injuries like sprains and bruising may resolve themselves without significant medical intervention, others such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, internal bleeding, and burns can cause life-threatening and long-lasting impacts on a victim.

For instance, Hyundai recently announced that the 200,000 vehicles they recalled should be parked outside, as the car leaks may result in an engine fire. The company received its first report of an engine fire in 2014; however, it did not begin an investigation until 2018. The company reported that there had been about 15 known reports of engine fires caused by fluid leaks. The company claims they are not aware of any injuries; however, after a further review, they determined the cars should not be parked inside a garage until the vehicle undergoes repairs. The recalls include over 200,000 Hyundai Santa Fe SUVs and approximately 440,000 Kia midsize sedans and SUVs.

In these cases, there may be more than one responsible party. The liable parties in Virginia defective products cases often include the vehicle manufacturer, component part supplier, and the individuals involved in selling a defective vehicle. The liable party generally depends on the type of product liability claim the plaintiff is pursuing. Most Virginia product liability claims stem from defectively manufactured vehicles or parts or vehicles with an unreasonably dangerous design.

Issues arise in situations where the injury victim did not own the defective vehicle. This may occur if someone borrows another person’s defective car or suffered injuries because of a defective car driven by another person. In these cases, plaintiffs may face some challenges, but they should discuss their lawsuit with an experienced attorney to discuss the potential legal basis for their claims.

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