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An Advance Directive lets other people know the types of medical care you do and do not want if you cannot express your wishes on your own. Many people call these instructions a “living will.” Having an Advance Directive ensures that your medical preferences are followed and provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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What Is an Advanced Directive?

An Advanced Directive is a legal document that lets others know your medical care preferences if you cannot communicate them yourself. It is often referred to as a “living will.” An Advance Directive can include your wishes regarding treatments you want or do not want, such as resuscitation, mechanical ventilation, and tube feeding. This document makes certain that your healthcare choices are respected, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Virginia Law on Advanced Directives

In Virginia, Advanced Directives are governed by the Health Care Decisions Act. This law allows adults to put their healthcare preferences in writing. A Fairfax estate planning  attorney can help you answer some of the common questions many people have about advanced directives, such as the following:

WWho can create an advanced directive? Any competent adult can create an Advanced Directive.

  • What can be included? You can specify the types of medical treatments you do and do not want, appoint a healthcare agent to make decisions on your behalf and outline your preferences for organ donation.
  • When does it take effect? Your Advanced Directive becomes effective when you cannot communicate your healthcare decisions.
  • How to create one? It must be in writing, signed by you, and witnessed by two adults.

With an Advance Directive, your medical care aligns with your wishes. Without it, decisions about your health could be made by someone who may not fully understand your preferences.

Can I Change my Advanced Directive?

Life circumstances and medical preferences often change, and your Advanced Directive should reflect your current wishes. To make changes, you need to create a new document that explicitly revokes the old one. The new Advanced Directive must be signed by you and witnessed by two adults, just like the original.

Working with an attorney when updating your Advanced Directive is essential. An attorney documents the changes clearly and makes them legally binding. They can help you articulate your updated preferences so your new Advance Directive accurately reflects your current wishes. Legal guidance keeps the process smooth and ensures that your new document meets all Virginia legal requirements.

How Can a Fairfax Lawyer Help with My Advanced Directive?

Creating an Advanced Directive can feel overwhelming, but a knowledgeable lawyer can make the process straightforward and stress-free. A lawyer at Robinson Law, PLLC can help you with the following:

  • Understanding your options: A lawyer will explain the medical treatments and decisions you can include in your Advanced Directive, ensuring you know all your options.
  • Personalized guidance: They will help you articulate your specific wishes clearly, tailoring the document to reflect your unique preferences and values.
  • Ensuring legal validity: A lawyer will ensure your Advanced Directive meets all legal requirements in Virginia, making it legally binding and enforceable.
  • Appointing a healthcare agent: They can assist you in choosing and appointing a trusted person to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you cannot do so.
  • Updating the document: Life circumstances and medical preferences can change. A lawyer can help you update your Advanced Directive to reflect these changes.

Having legal assistance when dealing with your Advanced Directive offers several benefits. First, a lawyer ensures your wishes are clearly and precisely stated, reducing the risk of misunderstandings. Second, knowing your Advanced Directive is legally sound provides you and your loved ones with valuable peace of mind. Finally, a lawyer can help integrate your Advanced Directive with other estate planning documents, such as a will or power of attorney, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your future planning.

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