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Helping People Fight False Sex Crime Allegations In Northern Virginia

Facing sex crime charges can be terrifying. Even worse is when you know the accusations against you aren’t true. It can feel like your life and future are hanging in the balance for nothing. That’s why seeking legal counsel immediately is so crucial.

The attorneys at Robinson Law, PLLC, can help you fight these charges to protect your future and uphold your reputation. We understand how serious these allegations can be and will use every tool and resource to create a compelling defense that positions you in the best possible light.

How Frequent Are False Allegations In Sex Crime Cases?

False accusations of sex crimes are often rare. According to data from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, between 2% and 10% of sexual assault allegations are false. And according to the Office of Justice Programs, only 2% to 8% of child sexual abuse accusations are false.

However, it doesn’t matter how rare these instances are. For the small percentage of those falsely accused of sex crimes, the punishments and consequences can still be just as damaging.

Can I Sue My Accuser For Defamation Over A False Allegation?

A false accusation can still follow you for life even if you’re found innocent in criminal court. They can ruin your relationships, your career and your reputation. You may wish to seek damages for the harm of these false accusations through a defamation lawsuit. While most defamation lawsuits happen in civil court, Virginia is one of several states with criminal defamation laws.

If you want to know whether you have a civil or criminal defamation case, call our lawyers today at 703-542-3616 and we can help you understand your situation.

A False Accusation Can Ruin Your Life – But It Doesn’t Have To.

False accusations, especially involving sex crimes, can feel scary and unfair. That’s why hiring the right legal team is so important. Complete our online contact form today to schedule a free consultation.