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Virginia is for Lovers and Weird Laws

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2015 | Firm News

Most people are aware that the Commonwealth of Virginia is recognized as the state for lovers. But few people know why. “Virginia is for Lovers” was launched in 1969 by Virginia’s tourism industry, which considered younger generations as its target market. The baby boomers were known for their sense of adventure and “love” of life and peace, hence the reasoning behind the slogan.

But what most people don’t know about Virginia is that it’s notorious for having some of the most comical, archaic laws in the country. In fact, there are so many, I had difficulty narrowing this list down. While none of these laws are enforced today, some are still technically on the books.

1. It’s illegal to tickle women. Please be a lover, not a tickler.
2. It’s illegal to cuss about another person (Prince William County). And if you swear at someone over the phone, you’re looking at a $100 fine.
3. It’s illegal for kids to go trick-or-treating on Halloween.
4. It’s LEGAL for a man to beat his wife on the courthouse steps, but he must do so before 8:00 p.m. (Stafford County).
5. It’s illegal to sell lettuce and peanut brittle on Sundays.
6. It’s illegal for bathtubs to be inside the home. Instead, they must be in the yard of the home.
7. It’s illegal for Citizens to NOT honk their horn while passing other cars.
8. If you’re intoxicated but not driving your car, both the driver and you may be charged with DUI (Virginia Beach).
9. It’s illegal to flip a coin to determine who pays for coffee (Richmond).
10. It’s illegal to fornicate. And if you’re married, it’s illegal to have sex with the lights on.

So, next time you’d like to bathe in the comfort of your own home or sell lettuce on a Sunday, consider taking your criminal activity to DC.

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