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Very excellent firm, I would definitely recommend their services to ANYONE looking to hire great representation in the Northern Virginia area. My son was charged with felony robbery and mob assault, which is now simple assault. This was my first time hiring an attorney and I have No regrets. If you are looking for excellent representation here you are.
– Tynesha B.

Informative, responsive and helpful in handling a traffic case and getting fines reduced. The rates for retaining representation were very reasonable too. I highly recommend using their services!
– Leslie F.

We cannot thank Robinson law enough for they efforts! They are honest, diligent and very knowledgeable. Being local and easily accessible was a huge plus. Highly recommended and well respected too!
– John H.

Quick response not only to my initial questions, but also in the follow up to my case. Ms. Ralls and her team were excellent to work with. Thank you!
– Susan

Very excellent firm, I would recommend anyone in the Northern Virginia area to obtain their services. Ben really helped me in hard times through my case and represented me the whole time time. He was very easy to get in touch with and diligent in his work. Now I finally have my life back and can move on to a better future. Thanks again for everything true life savers.-
Herbo T.

Mr. Griffitts has been great throughout my case. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and he always has his clients’ best interest in mind. His fees are quite affordable and he’s very easy to contact. He responded on weekends, early mornings, late nights. To know your attorney is truly there for you is something you can’t quantify. Add to that he knows the law. I will continue to use Mr. Griffitts as my lawyer if need be in the future, I am grateful for his help and would recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation. He helped me understand the case and kept me in the loop the entire time. Anytime I had a question about the case he was more than willing to answer it. Thank you!!
– Daniel S.

I just want to thank Mr. Andrew Criado. For all his hard work. His an Excellent Attorney. He study the case and came up with an outstanding game plan. His experience with being a former Prosecutor help out a lot. I was charge with DUI and refusal. But he fought and brought it down to just: An improper driving. Wow!! I cant thank you enough. I would definitely recommend you. Thank you again.
– Arturo S.

I am not sure how to express my gratitude towards Mr.Criado, but other than to say thank you so much! He made me feel like someone was in my corner backing me up every step of the way. He showed his confidence and had great composure. And most importantly he came prepared. He has taken the time to find information that would help me, and it did! He truly impressed me and not only was it a stressful situation but we won! I wouldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. You can truly see that he lives what he does and just wants to help people in need! Thank you so much for everything! Keep up the great work!
– Sofia T.

Would love to thank Robinson law firm for the great lawyers they have. Had a great experience with Robinson law, they were very professional in a fraud case they represented me in. I was facing serious jail time in which he got me 2yrs of probation. And he also made me feel comfortable through the whole process. Would recommend him in any type of case big or small. They are simply the best.
– Franklin G.

Benjamin helped me out big time with my case very good lawyer, really responsive and helpful. I was arrested for DWI, eluding and reckless driving. Because of Benjamin I got both the eluding charge and reckless driving charges dropped and for that I am extremely thankful. I very much recommend Benjamin if you happen to be in a scruff with the law. I’m very thankful to not be a felon.
– Isaiah T.

Mr. Criado at Robinson Law negotiated a deal for my legal case that exceeded my expectations. Throughout the process he was professional, insightful, and timely. His counsel during our first conference took me out of the initial doom of my circumstances. I cannot recommend Mr. Criado’s legal representation enough.
– Michael

My experience with Robinson Law crew is nothing less than perfect.I first had a phone call with Susana, she was very professional and informative. Then my case was handled by Andrew, who was very professional and neat. Based on his advice my case was dismissed. Susana & Andrew were exceptionally professional and I’ll definitely recommend them for others. Thanks, Robinson Law!
– Haytham K.

I was in need of an attorney to file some paperwork within hours and upon calling Robinson Law they immediately got on it. Ben Griffitts and Andrew Criado both were a pleasure to work with, answered all of our questions, had reasonable fees, and represented my family member in court very well. I will not hesitate to hire Robinson Law if ever I need them again. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great, caring attorney.
– Christine W.

I don’t ever write reviews. This might honestly be my first. But, Andrew Criado deserves a good word. He is a stand up guy and a truly impressive lawyer. I highly recommend his services.
– Chris W.

Mr. Criado truly knowledgeable and helped me with my case. Kept me well informed of what was to be expected and going on. He was professional and always early to discuss details in advance. Highly recommended.
– Winston J.

This is the best law firm in this region. The law firm includes the best and most experienced attorneys. They are the absolute best!
– Marwan

Robinson Law, PLLC represented our son in a reckless driving violation (88 on a 55mph ) he sure made us feel at ease and after giving us great advise on what to do before going to trial he was able to dismiss it from our 17yo record. Definitely recommend.
– Ruben V.

Ben Griffitts is the best. From the first phone call I made to Robinson Law and was connected with him, to the final disposition of my case, he was helpful through and through. He spent a lot of time giving me a free consultation and explaining his thought process to me, allowing me to understand exactly where his mind was at to determine if we were a good fit, and if he had a good thorough understanding of the portion of law that was relevant to my case. I appreciated that he always got back in touch with me and helped guide and leverage my expectations without ever leading me blindly down a path, and keeping my feet planted on the ground with the results I expected and what I could expect come my day in court. We were able to navigate through to a resolution that while my not have been the perfect world situation, was a situation I could live with, given the circumstances surrounding the case that were out of the hands of either of us. All in all, for this being my 2nd experience dealing with an attorney, I would highly recommend Ben, and was extremely satisfied with how he handled things during this difficult time.
– Matthew B.

Robinson law had my back the whole time, I was looking at a felony distribution case, they got me a misdemeanor with no probation, just call them, they’ll take care of you. If I didn’t go to jail neither should you, let them get you out of there!
– Brandon B.

Robinson Law was the perfect choice for handling my expungement. Ben Griffitts was exceptionally professional in handling my case and I will definitely be recommending them to others, as well as keeping them in mind for any future cases as well. Thank you, Robinson Law!
– Diana Z.

Mr. Criado represented me during a very difficult time in life. He was professional, knowledgeable and his advice assisted me in being successful in my case. Robinson Law, LLC was recommended to me by a friend and I will definitely recommend them and especially Mr. Criado to anyone I know.
– Marisol B.

Working with Robinson Law, was a great experience, they are polite, diligent and always had my back. Thank you, y’all.
– Malik A.

I wish to take a moment to highly recommend Robinson Law and specifically, my lawyer Andrew Criado. Mr. Criado was attentive, compassionate and available. His experience as a former prosecutor, his experience with other jurists, his extensive cross-jurisdictional knowledge and honesty has provided me with a fresh start with two traffic court dismissals. I look forward to recommending him and R.L. to friends and associates.
– Quan L.

Ben Griffiths did an excellent job for us! He went above and beyond for our family after a devastating event. As an attorney he values your thoughts and has a way of making them know in the legal system! You will be defended and treated with the utmost respect! Me Griffiths values families regardless of your socioeconomic status and was available to me and our family 24/7 he even answered phone calls during the weekend and after hours when we needed him! I wouldn’t think twice about recommending him to anyone! He’s not afraid to stand up to prosecutors for you! Straightforward and clear with his clients of what’s expected! Def a great guy to have on your team!
– Niec J.

Robinson Law were able to drop my reckless to a simple speeding and saved me from getting my license suspended all around great guy and a very understanding person definitely will use Robinson law for the future. Thanks to the whole for hiring him.
– Daniel E.

Fantastic experience. Attention to detail is top notch.
– Coden M.

Great work, great team. They will do whatever it may take to get your charge dismissed. I highly recommend them
– Khan C.

In regards to my defense: I had received a “general reckless driving” and “obstruction of justice charge”. These cases were very stressful for me, largely because I felt as if I did nothing wrong. We went up to trial where they fought for me and got both cases dismissed. I’m really thankful for how hard they worked. Once again thanks a bunch!
– Marcus T.

Sent on behalf of F Whitlock: When I think of Attorney Griffitts, I think of the three Ps: Patient, Proficient and Professional. He’s patient. When I get met Mr Griffitts, I was at an all time low. I was facing some serious charges. My stress level was high and I was feeling discombobulated. I was annoyed and irritated at myself and I did not understand what my options were. He was there for me as if he truly understood my pain. He’s Proficient. Upon our initial meeting, he informed me that he had done research on a newly establish initiative to assist Veterans and thought I’d be a good candidate. He explained to me what the Veterans Docket was and when I had questions, he had answers. He had done his home work and I felt I had a chance at restarting my life, thanks to the expertise of attorney Griffitts. He’s professional. He served as a liaison when I needed it. He was always there, if I called with questions, he returned my call with answers. Benjamin Griffitts is a top notch individual and thanks to him, I’m getting another chance at getting my life back together. Thank you
– Carlas H.

Ben Griffitts did an amazing job! He got an extensive history of my son’s situation with his reckless driving and made us feel so comfortable on the day of court. He was able to get the sentence reduced from reckless driving to improper driving.
– Kristen L.

I would recommend Mr. Robinson to anyone that is looking for professional and competent legal counsel. Mr. Robinson has represented me on several occasions for different legal matters. Mr. Robinson has always been professional and does his best to provide the best counsel possible. Some of my cases were dismissed and others turned out better than they could have. I will always seek Mr. Robinson’s counsel in legal matters. Thank you Mr. Robinson for always providing the best legal advice possible and getting a better outcome than expected.
– Darren W.

Having just wrapped up a matter, I am very pleased with the outcome and manner of the business relationship. From the set up, communication was crisp and timely. I appreciate the sound advice , having providing options to help guide decision making. Should there ever be a need for representation again in the future, I will surely be a return customer. 5 star recommendation for Robinson Law – Benjamin Griffitts was my All Star player.
– Eric C.

I cannot recommend Benjamin Griffitts enough. His friendly and calm demeanour calmed me down as soon as we met at the courthouse. He professionally reviewed my case, spoke to the officer and then to the judge and successfully got my ticket reduced. Afterwards, he stayed with me until I paid the court fees and got everything squared away. He is experienced and knows what he’s doing both in and out of the courtroom. If you are looking for an attorney, hire Benjamin Griffitts!
– Katie B.

Great attorney! I was up against some serious charges and he fought hard with tough prosecutors and I just received a very small “slap on the wrist”. Thanks
– Jay A.

Sought advice from a couple of different lawyers and on Mr. Griffitts’ advice I was able to make a decision that lead to a much better outcome in court than if I had listened to the other.
– Joshua R.

Mr. Robinson will tell it to you straight — what he thinks of the evidence concerning your case and what he thinks your realistic chances are for a favorable resolution or sentence. Because of that, you are mentally prepared for your day in court. He has a wide acquaintance and an affable personality that contribute positively to his conversations on your behalf. In court, he is completely dedicated to the proceedings and acutely tuned in on gathering and assessing the details of witness’s statements and prosecutor’s arguments. My case was expected to require an appeal, but because of Mr. Robinson’s knowledge and attention to detail, I came out of the initial trial with a not guilty verdict. It feels great to be able to put that in writing. I’ll be forever grateful. It’s a stressful situation to be in, but you’ll be in excellent hands with Mr. Robinson on your side.
– C K

I was in a legal situation about a year ago that dragged on for many months. Attorney Ben Griffitts assisted me every step of the way. He explained everything in a very clear and professional manner so that there were no unpleasant surprises. With his expertise and hard work, my case was resolved in the best possible way. I highly recommend Mr. Griffitts and the Robinson Law Firm to anyone with a criminal case.
– Laura C.

This is my second time using Mr. Robinson after he did such an amazing job the first time. Only for this case it was a DWI (as far as I know is his speciality) To be honest I didn’t have much of a case it was more about damage control. There were a lot of things stacked against me. Mr. Robinson assured me he would do his best. Somehow someway with the odds against me he did just that and I am extremely thankful! If you are in any legal trouble I highly suggest Michael Robinson as one of if not your first call.
– Donnie P.

I highly recommend Robinson Law to anyone who needs a lawyer.
– Sumeet R.

Robinson Law deserves 5 Stars. Whether a serious traffic case, a drug matter or anything in between, I have the utmost confidence that he will do his best to ensure the best possible outcome. I reached out to Michael Robinson to handle a potentially serious case and was expertly guided through each stage of the legal process. His knowledge of the process, the law and his close-working relationship among his colleagues all contributed to a positive outcome. Most importantly, he didn’t rush me along but listened to my story and then offered what I view as invaluable guidance. You can trust Michael Robinson to represent you.
– Rob M.

After doing some research for a lawyer that met my needs, I contacted Mr. Robinson to discuss my case. Without a shadow of a doubt, I’m very happy with the results. Mr. Robinson always answered my questions thoroughly, listened to my ideas when I had them, and carefully explained the nuances of what we would need to do in order to win. After collecting all the necessary information for my case, which involved going to multiple outside parties, we went over the information in great detail. Not once did I think he was rushing me along, and he always was very attentive to my questions and how to proceed to the next topic. Ultimately he came up with a strategy that we both felt comfortable with, and it very much worked to our favor. I’m very happy, not only with the end result, but the way in which Mr. Robinson and I got there in the end.
– Noel O.

Mr. Robinson is one of a kind. His knowledge, ability to negotiate, assuredness, and overall demeanor made life less complex for me. I went through a tough stretch dealing with the unknown and fear was a constant companion. However, thanks to Mr. Robinson’s legal expertise, I was able to come out a victor. We were able to talk as lawyer to client and as man to man. His understanding of my needs were paramount. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing good legal counsel.
– Tracy H.

Thank you for such amazing customer service!
– Michael W.

When my family and I were looking for a lawyer to hire for my case, I was never confident until we spoke on the phone with Michael. Our first phone call with Michael was very helpful. He was the only lawyer who took the time to explain what possibilities he could try to do in order to help me. Right then, my family did not think twice about hiring him. He made sure that we are in good hands and he will do the best that he can in order to get the outcome. And Michael did exactly what he told me! My case was dismissed on the very first day. We are all very pleased and happy that we hired Michael. If you are looking for a lawyer, look no further. Michael is an excellent lawyer who will listen to you and will work hard to get the best outcome for your case
– Gellaine G.

Charles at Robinson Law was everything I could have expected from a great lawyer. I had never been through the legal process but Charles made it as easy as possible. I could text or email him whenever I had any sort of question and always got a very prompt and professional response. Charles led me in the right direction that ultimately resulted in my case being dropped! I will most definitely be recommending him to any friends or family who are in need.
– Blake T.

Michael Robinson is an excellent lawyer. He fights for his clients best interest. He is dedicated to his work and makes sure that his clients receive the best outcome. I highly recommend him. He is affordable and is service is excellent. Thanks for all you have done.
– Abraham B.

Mr. Robinson is a phenomenal attorney. When speaking with him during the initial consultation, he was upfront and honest with me. My case was not an easy case due to numerous charges I was facing. Dealing with 11 felony counts of drug related charges of possession and fraud and jail time was very stressful. Due to the nature of the crime, I could have faced up to 50 felony counts of possession and fraud. In addition to the charges, I was facing additional jail time due to a probation violation from a previous charge occurring less than 6 months prior to the current charges. I was almost certain of facing jail time. Mr. Robinson did an amazing job by having 7 felony counts of drug possession and fraud charges dropped. The remaining 4 were deferred findings reduced to misdemeanors. In addition, I was placed on 1 year of probation and restricted driving privileges with NO jail time. The “show cause” for the probation violation was argued in court with an outcome of an extended period of probation unsupervised with NO jail time. I am so thankful that I found such an amazing attorney to do what I thought was impossible! In spite of the numerous charges that I was facing, I was blessed to have such a great outcome. I will always be thankful for such amazing dedication and work with my cases. I would recommend anyone that’s facing any criminal charges to allow Mr. Robinson to represent you. You won’t be disappointed!
– Renee B.

Very knowledgeable and will help you. I think he also has a backyard full of four leaf clovers and I swear he has a horse shoe in his pocket. I recommend you to hire Mr. Robinson.
– Mike M.

Last month came the day when I was faced with the reality of my mistake. My time in court. I was charged with a DUI. Michael Robinson explained my options. I had to choose from accepting a deal that would cost me my license, possible jail time, and a few other inconveniences, or going to trial with a difficult judge who just denied me a possible continuous for a trial at a later date. It would appear that taking the deal and a reduced conviction of a Wet Reckless Driving was a win but my gut said trial and fight for the non-guilty. Mike said he would fight for me and that is just what he did. I was nervous and it was an uncomfortable ride, but it was all worth it. Mike was able to get the entire case thrown out. NON GUILTY. I am very thankful for Michael Robinson and would recommend his firm for anyone in similar criminal and traffic unfortunate situations.
– David J.

First of all, just let me say that I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Michael Robinson, he is likely one of the best if not THE best DUI/DWI defense attorney in all of Northern Virginia. I was charged with a DUI back in January 2013, Michael Robinson was able to get the DUI charge reduced down to a reckless driving charge which was the best case scenario for my particular situation. I never even had to go to court, Michael took care of everything. I called Michael the day after I was charged with the DUI and told him all the details of the case, from listening to my story he immediately identified several key factors that would work in favor of my defense, we spoke for about 30 minutes during the initial phone consultation and he impressed me way more than the other attorney that I consulted with (the other lawyer I talked to had me on speakerphone and was shuffling around papers throughout the entire phone call and did not make me feel like she was paying full attention to what I was saying), Michael was the exact opposite, the level of personal attention that he paid to my case was extraordinary, anytime I talked to him he was 1000% focused on my case, he was very focused on every detail that I told him and I was extremely confident right off the bat that he was the right attorney and that would fight the hardest for me. Right from the initial phone consultation Michael immediately started digging into my case and asked all of the pertinent questions and immediately started identifying his strategy for how he would approach my case. Michael’s attentiveness and expert level knowledge is what impressed me the most about him, when it comes to DUIs in Northern Virginia Michael has superior knowledge of how to build the absolute strongest case possible, he went through the police report with a fine tooth comb and immediately identified several key factors that would help my case, he consulted with several expert witnesses and built the absolute strongest argument possible, my case never even went to court, he built such a strong argument that he was able to get the prosecution to agree to reduce the charges before the trial. Michael kept me updated throughout the entire process on everything that he was doing, he really gave me peace of mind that everything was on track with my case with all of his updates, and in the end he literally achieved the best possible outcome. As I said in the beginning, Michael was able to get the charges against me reduced, Michael was very aggressive and given all the details of my case he literally achieved the absolute best possible verdict in my favor. Bottom-line, in my opinion Michael Robinson is THE best DUI/DWI lawyer in all of Northern Virginia, if you need a lawyer to help you fight a DUI/DWI case then look no further, I find it hard to believe that anybody is better than Michael Robinson, he is the best in the business as far as I’m concerned, and the rate that he charges is definitely very fair, in fact he charged less than what I expected, Michael is definitely a bargain especially considering the extremely high quality service that he provided and the time/perseverance that he dedicated to my case. I can’t thank him enough for all the help he gave me and I give him the absolute highest recommendation possible to anyone out there who is searching for an attorney. Thank you.
– HM M

If anyone is reading this review do understand you will be in great hands if you decided to go with Michael Robinson. He also is a reasonable and genuine person, he actually does care for you and will do his best to get you out of trouble. I got caught with marijuana and I honestly I thought I would catch the charge. I didn’t he helped me get community service and the charge was dropped.
– Ariel

Michael is responsible and very direct attorney.He answers his phone anytime you call him. He helped me on a hit and run charge. I am very happy about his service.
– Henok A.

My experience with Mr. Robert Bennet was first class from the initial consultation all the way until the final disposition was rendered he was sincere and honest with me. Mr. Bennet handled my son’s case with extreme professionalism, human courtesy and compassion and with great fervor and momentum. He never gave us false hope, he always gave it to us directly. My son’s case was not an easy affair, my son was facing a very difficult case. Due to the nature of the crime, my son might have faced some years of jail, but Mr. Bennet did an amazing job. I am so grateful to have found such an amazing and dedicated lawyer to do what I thought was impossible! Although the position my son faced was so difficult, but we were blessed to have such a good result. I will always be grateful for such incredible dedication and work with my son’s case. I would recommend anyone facing criminal charges to allow Mr. Robinson to represent him. I’m very sure you will not be disappointed!
– Angelica E.

He got my case completely dismissed with no plea whatsoever! I honestly wasn’t even expecting that to actually happen! I am honestly so thankful and would recommend him to everyone
– Dima A.

Michael was awesome to work with. I’d definitely recommend him. He got my case dismissed no problem which was more than I was even hoping for.
– Elizabeth P.

My case recently concluded with Mr. Robinson, and in the several months I worked with him, he was highly responsive, informative and clearly well respected by everyone in the court – from the prosecutors to the judge. He literally knew everyone and they seemed to have a high opinion of him as well. After working with him, I can see why, and certainly can highly recommend Robinson Law.
– Joshua M.

Thank you Michael for all that you did!! We are thrilled with the results and will be referring all family and friends to your firm. I can’t tell you how grateful Ben and I are for your professionalism and honesty.
– Amy M.

My experience with Mr. Robinson was top notch from the initial consultation all the way until the final disposition was rendered. Mr. Robinson handled my case with extreme professionalism, human courtesy and compassion and with great fervor and drive. He never fed me false hopes of green grass and daisy’s, he always gave it to me straight. This was my 3rd time getting arrested for DUI in Virginia, however I was charged with a 2nd offense. Nevertheless all the court knew and cared about was 3rd arrest for the same offense. Reading the website blogs and the DUI laws in Virginia (especially Fairfax) immediately would put someone in a state of panic, fear, anxiety and deep worry. Mr. Robinson did his best to console those negative emotions. I was arrested in June 2016, hired Robinson Law in June 2016, paid Robinson Law in August 2016 and did not receive my final disposition until January 2017. We went through 2 continuations, both of which Mr. Robinson assessed the situation at the courthouse and vehemently suggested that we move to the next date, still holding on to the glimmer of hope that a deal could be struck. I am a good guy, active in the church, coaches youth sports, leader in the community….but I have been battling an internal disease that caused me to make the same mistake 3 times. None of that mattered as the District Attorney did not want to hear any part of “Deal.” With that said, we roll into the new year and the 1st item on the agenda is COURT DATE. Mr. Robinson prepared me as best as possible for every scenario, he even met with the DA and officer 3 times trying to find the best possible outcome for his client but to no avail. Whether or not Mr. Robinson was nervous about the trial, he never showed it which put me at ease. Minutes before the trial begins, Mr. Robinson tells me exactly which approach he is going to take to defend me. There was something about the case before mine that gave him an idea and he ran with it. He attacked the evidence brought before the court like a lion and showed great legal posture as he argued my case with the arresting officer. He was able to get the breathalyzer thrown out as evidence and challenged the dash cam video with great ferocity. Final Verdict: NOT GUILTY I walked in with no chance or glimmer of hope in the eyes of the court…but this man of great faith took on the giants and defeated them. I would highly recommend Mr. Robinson. He had every opportunity to let me accept what was being offered to me, but he DIDN’T. We went to war with the court 3X. Because he fought…I fought…!!
– JN C.

The best criminal defense firm in Northern Virginia.
– Olivia F.

Thank you Michael for all of your help to me and my family. I’m glad we found you, and we will refer you to people we know if they get into trouble. Take care.
– Callie W.

Attorney Robinson was professional, helpful and effective in helping me beat my charge. I’d highly recommend him for Fairfax clients.
– Markus S.

MR delivered the best service, the best results, went out of his way for me because he cares about veterans. MR helped as a friend because he is a friend. Thank you, Michael.
– Everett P.

Experience, high level of professionalism by Attorney Robinson and his assistant, responsiveness, and fantastic outcome.
– Andrew R.

Great law firm!
– Kristen M.

Satisfied Client Mr. Robinson handled my case well keeping me informed and educated along the way. In the end we were able to achieve the desired outcome that we wanted.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer Michael Robinson was an absolute professional. His knowledge helped me not just in the eyes of the law, but also personally. His insight into the judicial system is vast and his advice is nothing less then fantastic. I would highly recommend him.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Michael Robinson Review Absolute best..Personal, takes active interest in you as a person along with your case. Upfront, Professional, goes the distance to support his clients. I trust Michael with me and my family’s legal issues…

– Roger (5 star review)

I Know What to Look for in a Good Attorney When I got into some legal trouble in Virginia, after much research, I turned to Michael Robinson. Mr Robinson did an EXCELLENT job and I could not be happier with the way he handled the case from start to finish. Mr. Robinson is a former prosector in Virginia which makes him very familier the procedure, law, and people you will encounter. I cannot express to you how much this makes a difference. I’ve encountered 1000s of lawyers over the years and this guy is elite. Trust me.

– Chris (5 star review)

Competent, Professional, Sensitive Representation Mr. Robinson took on my traffic court engagement with a level of thoroughness and focus on solution that provided me with great comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. He guided me through all of the steps of the process, through to managing final arrangements with the court. The outcome was extremely valuable to me.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Traffic Case – Reckless Driving Mr. Robinson took the time to explain my situation to me (pros and con). He went to work and represented me far greater than I expected. He showed me that it wasn’t about the money, but really me as a person. I didn’t think there were any lawyers out there that cared. I have already recommended him and YES, I will use him again in the future if needed.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

I Highly Recommend Michael Robinson After a long night out with friends, I was arrested for DUI in Fairfax City with a blood alcohol content of .15 ….. this is a mandatory 5 day jail sentence. I did a considerable amount of research on effective area lawyers and decided to contact Michael Robinson based upon his experience and reputation. I used this website to contact Michael via an email request at 7:15am on a Monday morning. I got a call back from Michael before 7:30am (now that’s responsiveness). I thought I would be in for a long drawn out process trying to stall and maybe eliminate the jail time. The situation did not look good at the time. At my first court appearance Michael was able to get the BAC reduced to .14 and eliminate the jail time. I highly recommend Michael Robinson! He is extremely knowledgeable (on both sides of the court having been a former prosecutor), treated me with the greatest respect and produced a really good outcome.

– Business Executive (5 star review)

“Not Guilty” How Sweet the Sound!!!!! I am African American single mother. I was recently charged with “Reckless Handling of a firearm” after an assault on my daughter. Due to the attention this case received in the media I knew it was not going to be easy. The first thing I did after being released from my arrest was call Robinson Law. I have been a client of Attorney Michael Robinson for just about 6 years and will continue to be. I respect and admire Attorney Michael Robinson not only as an Attorney but also as Man. When I was offered a plea deal that I was unhappy with, Attorney Michael Robinson said “ Ms. Gaither you did not retain me to plead you out “ and he was right. I retained him for what I have seen him due for friends, family and co-workers and that was to fight for Justice and what’s right and that is exactly what Attorney Michael Robinson did and I received with a NOT GUILTY. Myself and my daughter are forever grateful.

Thank You,

Lakisha & Brianna.

– Lakisha G. (5 star review)

Absolutely Phenomenal Mr. Robinson is by far the most professional, sedulous, and straight forward attorney I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I’m not one to write reviews for anything or anyone, but Mr. Robinson was so exceptional to work with that I simply had to share my experience. I was recently charged with a speeding ticket (39 in a 25) and hired him once I researched his experience and reviews. After I completed a driver improvement class, he was able to have my case dismissed. Although my circumstance was relatively minor, Mr. Robinson never treated it as less of a priority.

He was EXTREMELY HELPFUL during the entire process and always took the time to thoroughly answer my questions. Words truly can’t express how excellent he is and you will not be sorry if you hire this attorney. He is truly concerned with the outcome of his clients and you’ll quickly realize this yourself, should you choose to work with him!

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer, Highly Recommended! Mr. Robinson recently represented me in a DUI trial and successfully won a Not Guilty verdict for me. I could not be happier about the outcome and the quality of his service. It was sheer dumb luck that I signed up on a DUI website after my arrest and that he contacted me for a phone consultation, but I believe that everything that has transpired since I hired him has been a product of his skill and professionalism. I talked to other lawyers on phone consultations, but none of them really gave me the same feeling of confidence and competence that Mr. Robinson did. From Day One, he impressed me with his knowledge of the DUI laws and penalties and how to would interpret my situation and handle my case. My experience with the legal system (my first) was a very long process of several months and while I won’t say that I was completely carefree during the process, Michael was a reassuring presence and was always responsive to my questions and kept me informed on new developments. After trying extremely hard to get the prosecutors to give me a reduced charge, we eventually went to trial. In court, Michael was relentless in picking apart the prosecution’s witnesses and introducing enough reasonable doubt to avoid a conviction. I cannot thank him enough for his tireless efforts and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a DUI lawyer.

– Andrew (5 star review)

Absolutely Terrific Attorney! Great Job! My adult daughter had several charges I’m two jurisdictions. One charge was drug possession, which Mr. Robinson was able to get totally dropped due to his knowledge of the procedure needed to properly test the drug. The second round of charges was DUI and felony hit and run. Mr. Robinson was able to work out a very fair and acceptable outcome for my daughter. From the beginning it was important to my daughter to not have a felony conviction on her record. Mr. Robinson was able to accomplish this. Mr. Robinson is also very easy to talk with and has the ability to explain the court procedures and all possible outcomes in a way that is easily understood. Mr. Robinson’s fees are fair and his knowledge and expertise are well worth the expense. I wanted to say thanks again for helping my family through a difficult and very stressful time.

– Walter V. (5 star review)

DUI Reduced to a Reckless Driving If you are looking for a lawyer stop looking your there. Mr. Robinson helped me with a DUI I got back in October of 2013. When I first spoke with Mr. Robinson about my case he was up front and honest about what he could do for me, He said that he couldn’t promise me the out come, but he did promise he would fight for me, And he did. His having been a prosecutor helped in negotiating my case. He kept me informed and I never felt abandoned or out of touch. The prosecutor told him no that he would not make a deal to reduce my DUI to a reckless driving, I think most lawyers would have stopped there but Mr. Robinson kept asking over and over until finally he got my DUI reduced to a reckless, He never quit on me. he did what he promised, he kept fighting for me and he won ! Integrity is hard to find in anyone, Mr. Robinson has that and a lot more. So like I said if your looking for a lawyer stop looking your there. Thanks Michael this was a huge win since I drive a company truck and a DUI would have cost me my job. …Will J.

– Will J. (5 star review)

Awesome AttorneyMr. Robinson is an excellent attorney. His contract and terms are straightforward. He does the necessary research to be fully knowledgeable about the case matter. I would use him anytime he is available when I need an attorney in the futurr.

– Hannah (5 star review)

I Highly Recommend Michael RobinsonMichael educated me on the situation I was in and helped me stay calm to get through my situation. I was being charged with Solicitation and he asked me everything that happened we went over the situation and I was told what could happen and what might not happen. He educated me on everything I needed to know and helped me reach a conclusion that I was extremely satisfied with. Thanks again Michael.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Very Pleased and Impressed! I’ve had to hire Mike twice for my son’s DUI and marijuana charge. He represented him in Fairfax and Loudoun county. Mike told us about things we can do before court to better our chances like community service and ASAP. We did both things and it paid off. The prosecutor had problems with the DUI, and Mike picked up on it. They made us an offer for a reckless driving and we took it. The marijuana wasn’t sent to the lab, and my son had done a lot of community service ahead of time. The prosecutor could have still sent the marijuana to the lab but because of all the community service the prosecutor went ahead and dismissed the marijuana charge. Mike Robinson is professional in every sense of the word. He was responsive to our calls and emails. He worked with my son (and us) on a payment plan, which we really appreciated, and it taught my son a lot about responsibility and accountability. While I hope I never have to do business with him again, I will gladly refer Mike to any who may need his services. Thanks Mike!!!

– Paul (5 star review)

Attorney Michael Robinson Review A week before my court date I phoned Attorney Michael Robinson to discuss my pending DWI case. I got his name and number out of an advertisement in the August 12th, 2013 Time magazine listing Leaders in Criminal Defense. The fact that I didn’t like any options I was hearing from my court appointed attorney I called Michael, explained my situation, my lack of understanding the Law, and he talked with me for nearly 30 minutes. He was exceptionally patient and professional, listening carefully to my concerns, evident from his responses to my barrage of questions. At the conclusion of our talk he simply stated that he was available to represent me if I felt it was necessary and to contact him with any further concerns I had. Our lengthy conversation, personal attention and his future availability greatly alleviated the reservations I had regarding my current counsel. The next week, the night before my court date, I started getting nervous so I phoned Michael at eight ‘o clock in the evening. He answered, spent fifteen minutes talking with me, calmed me down, gave me his cell phone number and said to call him after my hearing. I did just that, he was honest with me and said my counsel had provided me with a very good offer and I should take it and I did. Attorney Michael Robinson’s experience, knowledge and professionalism were an invaluable legal asset for me. Even though I didn’t hire him, I did extend a hand of trust to him and he responded in like manner to me. His counsel brought me peace of mind and I highly recommend his law firm to anyone in need of legal representation.
Northern Virginia.

– Graham (5 star review)

Someone to Have on Your Side Michael Robinson has been of great help over the past year. I first came to meet Michael after a DUI and possession charge. He was quick to understand that we all make mistakes in life and that you can turn yourself around and go down a more positive path. This took many months to resolve as there were multiple negotiations and tests that had to be completed. He kept me informed along the way and as the case progressed he gave me a fair representation of the possible outcomes. Through his diligent work with the prosecutors office he was able to make a case to them which dismissed the possession charge and ended with a reckless driving instead of a DUI. Not knowing which way this could go it was the better of possible outcomes for myself. He was even able to assist me many months later in getting the charges expunged. He will go head to head with other lawyers and will be much more informed, to the point that the judge will listen and lean towards his side.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Not Guilty on DUI ChargeI had gotten a dui charge near the end of may 2014. I had found Mr.Robinson on this website and decided to give him a call. Our work schedules were conflicting but he offered to meet on the weekend. No other lawyer I called was willing to do that. We looked over my case and was very honest and upfront with me. He explained to me what he could do for me and a couple days later I decided to hire him. We had some issues with the video form the arresting officer. Instead of giving up on that he kept pushing for continuances until we were able to get a working video so he could work on better defense. The whole time i was kept in the loop. Mr. Robinson either emailed me or called me with any updates. He even gave me his personal cell phone number if I wanted to contact him. When we were able to get a video and the trial date came I was a nervous wreck but I felt sort of at ease with Mr. Robinson defending me. When it was our turn to speak I was amazed. Mr. Robinson goes into so much depth and detail and truly builds a great defense for you. The finally verdict was not guilty. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Michael Robinson is truly one of the best. He will fight for you and leave no stone unturned. I’m also a fairly young man just starting out in my career and he understands that so he was kind enough to work out a payment plan with me. If you’re in need of a great attorney look no further. Michael Robinson will do everything in his power to help you with your case. He’ll be honest with you and let you know right away what he can do or you. I highly recommend him you won’t be let down

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Fantastic Lawyer Mr. Robinson was fantastic as my lawyer. He worked hard for me to get the best result possible. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer. He is fair and will work with you as much as he can. He definitely works hard for all military members. He is a true american hero. I would not have got the result in my court case without him. Thank you Mr. Robinson.

– Eriq (5 star review)

None Better In the spring of 2014 I was riding with someone when he was pulled over on the George Washington Parkway in Virginia. The driver panicked, asked me to switch, and I foolishly agreed. After failing the field sobriety tests, I was arrested and charged with a DUI and Breathalyzer refusal. Because the car was pulled over on the George Washington Parkway, my arrest was considered a federal offense. I told the officer about the switch but he refused to believe me. As a first time offender and someone with no prior criminal history, I was completely distraught and felt helpless. I called numerous lawyers for advice and most told me the same thing. Since I was behind the wheel when the officer approached the car, I was technically guilty of “operating the vehicle”. I finally called Michael Robinson after seeing his glowing reviews on AVVO. I knew instantly after speaking to him that he was the right man for the job. He was extremely knowledgeable and, most importantly, he cared about my case. He was truly invested in helping me and gave me a number of useful suggestions. From the get-go, he laid out all of the facts of my case (good and bad). He was consistent and never sugar coated anything no matter how emotional I was. Michael was very professional and always accessible. He went above and beyond when working with me and thought carefully through every detail. He helped me to contact witnesses, track down the actual driver, and obtain a federal subpoena. This was especially remarkable considering the case was prolonged for 7 months, from spring through summer and into fall, a particularly busy stretch of time for his family. The officers and prosecutors were dead set on charging me with a DUI, DUI refusal, and giving me jail time. Michael was relentless and in the end was able to persuade the prosecutor to drop all of the charges in exchange for a guilty plea to reckless driving. This was monumental, considering that all the odds were stacked against me. I would highly recommend Michael Robinson to anyone who has been charged with a DUI/DUI refusal/DWI arrest of any other criminal offense. He is dedicated, dependable, and takes pride in his job.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

DUI/DWI Reduced to Reckless Driving I got arrested for DUI and blew 0.19 at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. After an intensive search for an attorney I found Mr. Robinson on this website. During the free consultation, like any other attorneys I met/spoke with, he didn’t seem too excited about my case since I pretty much did all the things I shouldn’t have done when interacting with the police officer. But he was willing to work with me and looked for different ways to prevent me from getting a DUI, even with a 0.19 BAC! In the end, my DUI charges got reduced to reckless driving with jail time being suspended for 1 year, meaning I don’t have to go to jail unless I do something stupid and get in trouble again.

Since I am a student at Virginia Tech it was going to be very difficult for me to go back and forth to attend the court hearing. Knowing that, he was able to somehow get me scheduled during my Thanksgiving break. This way I didn’t have to travel more than I was already going to. He was also very accommodating with his fee and allowed me to make monthly payments.

I am extremely happy with the outcome and I greatly appreciate what he’s done for me. I definitely recommend him as an attorney for a DUI/DWI case.

– Wantae (5 star review)

Thank God I Found Michael! I found Michael on the internet of all places; I was new to the area and needed an attorney and had no idea who to choose. I watched Michael’s video on his website (after looking at several other attorneys) and felt that he seemed caring and approachable. Michael was responsive, caring, non-judgemental, and knowledgeable. I even joked that he was my therapist as well as my attorney. I had never been in trouble with the law and was frightened about the aspects of what my future would hold. Michael prompted me to be proactive in completing certain tasks which, I believe, helped my case. Michael reassured me and the outcome in court was better than I expected. I am grateful that I had a knowledgeable and caring attorney at my side in court.

– Lynn (5 star review)

Marijuana Possession Charge Dismissed Thanks to Michael Robinson’s Defense Michael Robinson is such an outstanding lawyer. Our only regret is that we did not find him earlier. We met with him before our court case and he listened carefully to what we had to say, and what our concerns were, and he gave us options of how he could best serve us. He is very knowledgeable about the law and knows how to protect a client’s rights and how to tailor his arguments to fit the specifics of the case at hand. He was very personable and gave us useful advice for the future. We would highly recommend him and will certainly use him should we need a lawyer in the future.

– Marilyn (5 star review)

Incredible Lawyer! Highly Recommended! I got myself into trouble and was accused of vandalism. I have no idea how my Father selected Mr. Robinson, but I’m glad he did. Mr. Robinson gave me plenty of time to listen to my account of the events; he explained my options and recommended a legal course of action. It was a very no-nonsense discussion and at the end I felt he really listened to me and didn’t judge me.

In addition, and just as importantly, he painted a pretty stark picture of what was likely to happen if I continued down a path of putting myself in compromised situations.

In court it was clear he had done his legal homework, citing other court rulings that favored my position. His delivery was crisp, confident and smooth. In the end I was very happy with the results.

My parents and I strongly recommend Mr. Robinson as a lawyer who is honest and afforded me the best possible representation.

– John (5 star review)

Great Lawyer, Highly Recommended Michael Robinson was extremely helpful, and got me better results than I ever dreamed possible. Very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend him to all my family and friends.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Astonishing, All 360 Degrees After pulling myself into legal trouble, I was very hesitant on who to trust, who just wanted my money and who actually had the best intentions on solving my case for the best possible outcome. After speaking to literally twenty to thirty attorneys, with Mr. Robinson being one of the last, I was almost certain once speaking to him through the phone he was the most sincere on the issues I had at hand.

As a college student, budgets play a role in almost everything I do. YES, Mr. Robinson totally understood, and worked out a very reasonable price for everything I brought to the table.

Once hiring Mr. Robinson, he was working for ME. He was not working for himself or to just have myself sign the paper and send him his pay. Mr Robinson literally has worked for me, and is still working for me till everything is resolved with court fees, restricted licenses, etc! He does not give up, and is always willing to give an honest and very prompt response.

I am completely appreciative of what he has done for my future. My future is a lot brighter due to spending the money now, and making it back later rather then not taking the plunge to feel a sense of security.

If any of my close friends or relatives find legal trouble in the Northern VA area, you know who I am referring them too. Simple as that. After working with a few other attorneys in the past, this has been the most reasonable and fair experience for what you should expect from paying for legal issues. Robinson is a clear cut guy, very relatable, and will tell you from the jump what to expect. He will not lie and let your heart break during trial and will not settle for anything other than something that makes you feel at ease whether that means a continuation of trial or not.

If in anything serious, regarding VA laws and their strict policies, I would sincerely recommend Attorney Michael Robinson for battling the courts and the very contradicting law system throughout Virginia and the United States.

– MikeZ (5 star review)

Attorney Robinson I have encountered quite a few lawyers and all seem incompetent compared to Michael Robinson. I recommend him for whatever case needed. Will be returning to him if any need arises again.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

DUI Case – Responsive, Informative, Put Me at Ease, Worked Hard to Get Desired Verdict As I mentioned in the title, Michael Robinson is a great lawyer who responded in a timely manner to all of my questions, was very thorough yet understandable when explaining the case and the situation, and really made me feel comfortable in a very stressful situation (Potential DUI). I made an illegal U-Turn in Falls Church after having a few drinks and while I passed the majority of my sobriety tests and had a BAC of .07, was still arrested. Michael was confident in my case and told me to relax. After negotiating with the prosecutor knowing they did not have the strongest case, I was able to get a reckless driving with community service, no fines or ASAP. Michael worked hard for me and kept me well informed, I would recommend his services to anyone who was in a situation similar to me.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

DWI Attorney Review I wanted to write this Review for Mr. Robinson I would refer Mr. Robinson to anyone that has a DWI case.I was very stressed from this charge ,when I spoke to Mr. Robinson I felt Relieved I could tell that Mr. Robinson knew what he was talking about The fact that Mr. Robinson took Payments was wonderful I was worried about coming up with Attorney Fees. Mr. Robinson Achieved a Fantastic Result for me My Case was Dismissed because of Mr. Robinson’s Knowledge. Why Settle for less when you can get the BEST!!

– Sharon (5 star review)

The Best There is! So I was charged with DUI second offense in less than a year and driving with a suspended license in Fairfax. When I first contacted Mr Robinson, he made no promises, he was prudent in getting the facts.

He was unwavering in accepting any deal that he felt was not beneficially and at his suggestion we ended up going to court and that’s when Mr Robinson worked his magic. He showed great expertise of the common law and was the most professional lawyer I have ever seen. All charges were dismissed, I am still in awe.

He is the best there is out there, I’ve paid more to other lawyers and got nowhere close to the work Mr Robinson provided.

– Randy L. (5 star review)

Excellent I hired Michael when I was charged with DWI/Possession of Marijuana. His responsiveness was superb – unlike any other attorney I’ve ever hired. He had my possession charge dismissed and my DWI dropped to Reckless Driving. Words cannot express my gratitude. He truly loves what he does, which was clear from the beginning. He encouraged me to ask questions throughout the process and contact him whenever I had concerns.

– Ashton (5 star review)

A College Student Who Made a Bad Decision I called Mr. Robinson in nee of a lawyer after I had been arrested for a baby DUI. I am 20 and so I was concerned how this would impact me, because I am a full time student and work part time.

Mr. Robinson always kept my best interests in mind and defended me during the trial (as the prosecution was not conceding to any lower charge) effectively. He was able to introduce enough doubt as to the circumstances of my arrest and so incredibly shook the prosecution that the judge dismissed my case. A much better result than I was even expecting.

I would highly recommend Mr.Robinson as a DUI/DWI lawyer. He will do his best to accommodate you and will fight for you as aggressively as is needed to secure the best outcome. My family and I are forever grateful for his services.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

DUI Case – Not Guilty I had a DUI case that began last summer. I quickly began my search for a lawyer, and while friends had recommended lawyers for me, I searched Avvo and found Michael. Michael’s reviews were great and his past experience as a prosecutor lead me to believe he would be a great defense attorney for myself. It was an excellent decision choosing Michael. He walked me through the entire process and was able to explain the key elements of my case. During my trial, there were many facts presented by the prosecution that I believed were not accurate, but this was not important. Rather then rebutting these facts and getting into a he said she said situation, Michael used them against the prosecution to our advantage and was able to win my case resulting in a not guilty verdict. I would highly recommend Michael for anyone needing a lawyer to represent them.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

High BAC I was looking at jail time after being stopped at a DUI checkpoint with BAC of .16 back in September 2014 in Fairfax Va. Being 21 years old and in the military, I knew my future was at risk. After calling many lawyers I felt that Mr. Robinson was who I needed to fight my case. Mr Robinson told me exactly what I was looking at, he let me know this was not an easy case, but he was willing to fight. This week in court Mr. Robinson was able to not only get me out of serving jail time, but also got my high BAC DUI charge reduced to reckless driving. If you are being charged with a DUI in Fairfax Va and you are looking for someone that knows the court system and will work to get your charge reduced, this is your guy!

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Wow! Mr. Robinson helped me with my case of a DWI. He took every possible thing into consideration and fought my case through to the very last detail. The result in the end was a not guilty fr the judge. He knows what hes doing. I wouldnt have asked for any other lawyer to represent me.

– Curtis (5 star review)

DWI Dismissed! Michael had my DWI dismissed due to technicalities I would have otherwise not understood. I met with Michael to discuss my case and he laid out the steps he would take and kept me informed throughout the entire process. He was easy to talk to and encouraged me to reach out to him whenever I had a question or didn’t understand something. You won’t regret hiring this attorney!

– Joseph (5 star review)

Outstanding Representation I’m an attorney from another state and while vacationing in Virginia was charged with Reckless Driving by way of excessive speed. Knowing I needed representation, I researched extensively online, and having practiced in this area, looked at it from that point of view. I used multiple resources and sites. I wanted someone with experience in this particular area of practice, that was either a Solo Practioner or part of a VERY small partnership, practiced extensively in the court where I was charged, and preferably had previous experience as a Prosecutor so she or he would be connected with the “other side”, so they would be known to him or her. I looked specifically for a lawyer rated highly by other lawyers. Attorney Robinson was the only person who met all criteria.

On calling I was instantly connected with his Paralegal, who took all the pertinent information from the case and spent extensive time going over Virginia court procedures and possible outcomes. She was very knowledgeable, informative, and professional. We made an appointment for Attorney Robinson to call and speak with me directly. At the appointed time he was delayed in Court (which I understand, having been there in my own practice), but he called me back the moment his case finished. He also was informative and helpful, and extremely professional.

On the day of the hearing, he arranged it so I did not have to be present, a huge savings of time and money for me, as I was out of state. He called after the hearing to report, to my astonishment, that he had been able to get the case dismissed! I absolutely did not expect this result, anticipating – and hoping for – a reduction in charge to a speeding infraction.

In all of the indicia I’d use to rate another lawyer – professionalism of staff, promptness of replies, time spent reviewing procedures and possible outcomes, professionalism of the lawyer, and of course the outcome – Attorney Robinson rated a 10 out of 10. I give him and his assistant my highest possible recommendation, and while I hope and expect not to need his representation again, he’d be my first call. Call him – you’ll be glad you did.

– Andrew (5 star review)

A+ Service!!! A+ Performance!!! A+ Outcome!!! I cannot express enough my gratitude to Michael Robinson and his staff for the outcome of my case. The case ended up in trial and we won on all the charges! The outcome was better than what I expected for. I did extensive research and interviewed a number of lawyers in the Fairfax, VA area before deciding to go with Mr. Robinson. From the start Mr. Robinson and his staff were personable and professional. They were always accommodating, supportive and extremely responsive to all my concerns and questions throughout the process. I would not have achieved such great outcome without Mr. Robinson’s experience and expertise. His strategy to argue the case was something I would not have known myself nor did any of the other lawyers I met with had identified. I was also extremely impress with how he handled himself during the trial; there is no doubt that he was in his element and extremely great at it. For any legal matters, I highly recommend Michael Robinson. Deciding to hire him was the best choice I made for my case.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Highly Effective Attorney I was thrilled with Michael’s legal services. I had a tricky situation and Michael worked diligently to get a positive outcome on the charge and the fine. He is also just a great guy to work with. I highly recommend his services.

– Linda (5 star review)

DUI Charge Reduced!!! Mr. Robinsons communicating and understanding thoughout my entire case was phenomenal! At the time I was 20 years old and one month away from turning 21. He broke everything down to me so that I fully understood what he was trying to do for me and in the end he got my charge reduced to a “baby DUI” which means I got charged with a BAC level between .02 and .08. I highly recommend Mr. Robinson to anyone who’s charge is extreme or minor because I have faith that he will help you out they way he helped me.


– Nathan (5 star review)

High BAC DWI I was arrested back in February for DWI. I had an extremely high BAC of .17 which is well over the legal limit. I was incredibly scared knowing that I was facing jail time, and possibly worse. I called Mr.Robinson 2 days after my arrest and he calmed me down and explained the situation to me and told me he would do his best for me. Virginia is known for having some of the strictest dui/DWI laws in the country so I wasn’t very hopeful. Mr.Robinson made no promises but the outcome was a lot better than I expected. On my first hearing he asked for a continuance which bought me enough time to do community service hours, pre-enroll in asap, and get good character references. I was able to show all of my achievements to the prosecutor who by the grace of Michael Robinson was able to keep me from serving jail time. He knows what he is doing and he is very informative. He kept me posted and even gave me his personal cellphone number so I could reach him outside of business hours. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

He is Wonderful and Miracle!! Terrific!! The Best Lawyer!! HE IS OUTSTANDING!’!! HE IS A TERRIFIC LAWYER.,, I am more than happy today because Mr. Robison did an OUTSTANDING JOB!! I REALLY RECOMMEND HIM!! He KNOW WHAT he is doing and he is very professional!! HE IS A MORE THAT GREAT!!

He is MIRACLE and he knows a lot and very professional about how to handle any problem!!

Wooo… I was so nerves and worry about my case and trail.. I was charged with a SECOND DWI AND SECOND REFUSAL!!!

HE WON THE CASE!! I did not go to a Jail at All.


He did it all My FIRST Court Day!!


He is the best!!

Thank you Mr. Robison!!

– Shirley D. (5 star review)

Simply the Best! He is the best,

I got two charges and he helped me to get those two charges reduced into a reckless driving! Wich is more than i expected.

He dis it all in my first court date!!

– Franklin (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer Thank you for all support of my issue. I have sufficient about the outcome. I think your recommendation and negotiation was very efficient. So that is why I can get that result. Thanks again.

– Kunihiko (5 star review)

Michael Robinson Was a Blessing to Me Michael was very straight forward with my case and did not tell me what he didn’t think was possible.

DUI & refusal charges back in June or July of 2015…also had other complications addition to my DUI & refusal… therefore; I did not expect anything other then one year suspension of my license with DUI record. But was hoping for the better, and is the exact reason why you hire a lawyer to represent you.

I did not take the Plea bargaining from the prosecutor, which did not change over the times of our continuance. We did go to trial without plea bargain… and Michael Robinson did his best to argue the case for all my charges to be drop.

Our motion was granted by the judge and my case was dismissed. My DUI & Refusal and everything else was drop….. !!! He has been a such blessing to me… !!!

Will not make the same mistake again driving with few to much wine from dinner… but if any one is in need for the DUI & Refusal lawyer in town… Michael Robinson is the one you should hire for your case.

– S.L. (5 star review)

Amazing Results Against a Giant!!! This was one of the most troubling events I have ever experienced. I was falsey accused by a Giant “low price”retail store of Petit Larceny due to being distracted at the register becuase I had my two children with me who were fighting over a snack. As a result I did not pay for two items as intended when checking out. I was shocked that I forgot to point out the items to the cashier that my children had in their possession. I tried to no avail to explain and apologize for my mistake, but the loss prevention officers showed zero concern or any compassion. They were cold and almost in humane. My children were held in a small room with me and I could not even take my todller to the bathroom while I was being told that the manager was coming to collect the payment for the missed items.

Eventually a police offer arrived, to my amazement to give me summons to appear in court. I was so overwhelmed and could not understand how this could happen from a simple human mistake.

I contacted several attorneys, but after reading Michael’s Bio and experience on line I felt that he was the right fit for me. I decided to meet him for clarification and confirmation. The appointment was very easy and flexible and he proved to be everything I needed and wanted for my defense.

He fought fiercely for me and won my dignity back from being subjected to the injustices inflicted by this mammoth retail corporation. The case was dismissed and much like David Michael proved to be a Giant slayer!!!

Thanks Mike…you are truly amazing.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Great Lawyer! My family and I hired Michael the day after I was arrested for petit larceny. Of all the lawyers I spoke with, Michael was the only one who was very sincere. He listened carefully to what I have to say and reassured me and my family that we are all in good hands. I have never had any encounter with the law before so I was very scared and nervous. However, every single time I get in touch with Michael, he always makes sure that I will be okay. On my very first court appearance, Michael was able to get my case dismissed. Michael is an excellent lawyer and I definitely recommend him to anyone who is in need of someone who will be on their side to listen and assist them with their legal issues. I cannot thank Michael and his paralegal, Suzi for all their help.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney – DWI Michael is very knowledgeable in his field of work and provided me with the utmost comfort that i had selected the right person for representation. Michael was able to explain exactly what the prosecutor’s were looking for and pinpoint the strengths in my case. He also gave descriptive detail of how he was going to handle my case and provided complete honesty on where we stood for my case. Highly recommended and gives his clients a great sense of security during a very stressful time.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

DUI, Refusal Dropped I was charged with DUI and refusal in september. this was my first DUI in 7 years of driving and wanted to keep it clean forever and you know DUI stays on record for three years and hard to find jobs. I started searching for a attorney who handles DUI cases on regular basis that is how i came across Michael. During my first initial consultation he advised me that you have a strong case. I felt that he was the right man for this job so i hired him. After 3 court appearances prosecutors dropped refusal and DUI to reckless without going to trial. It was a win for me. The best attorney around.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Highly Recommend! Michael was straight up and made me feel confident the whole way through and assured me he would be able to get my possession of marijuana dismissed and he did ! I am a college student and I just knew this charge would be in the way of my future but because of Michael it’s not ! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Michael Robinson is an Excellent Lawyer! Michael Robinson fought for me and my friend in mutual marijuana possession charges in December of 2015. He came prepared to win and he did exactly that. We got the case completely dismissed and he didn’t back down when they asked for another continuance. He made my friend and I know that we were in good hands and explained everything to us very thoroughly. I highly recommend Michael Robinson!

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Michael Robinson Michael Robinson is an articulate, courteous lawyer who is easily accessible via phone and/or in person. In our case, he made no promises and seemed to take his time preparing for the case. However, his result was outstanding. We were extremely pleased with his representation in court. He was thoughtful, very knowledgeable, and patiently explained the issues involved in both the prosecution and defense of the case.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney I was arrested for DUI on a Friday night. After I got home I researched and contacted several lawyers via their websites. Michael contacted my by phone the next day. I had several phone consultations with other lawyers in the area but none gave me the confidence that Michael did that all is not lost. He was not the least expensive attorney but he is worth the money. He was able to plea bargain my DUI to Reckless Driving and I was not given a suspended license. Michael is a very good attorney. I recommend him highly.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

DWI / DUI to Reckless Got DUI/DWI/failure to stop at traffic sign at the Pentagon. Mr. Robinson was able to dismiss charges and amended my DUI to reckless before trial. He is very compassionate, a great person.

I consulted an immigration attorney trying to figure out if that would affect my naturalization and he was very impressed that Mr. Robinson got me that deal in federal court.

The truth to be told, in such circumstances you doubt your every decision and you are always hesitant of the what ifs, my advice is trust him he knows! and yes, definitely I highly recommend Mr. Michael Robinson!

– N.H. (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney I just left from FF. court house.

My case has been dismissed against driving under revoked license and using false ID.

Mr. Robinson is very straight on his focus and prepare well for trial. As beginning of with his meeting, he didn’t even want me to think loosing a case. Because I was in probation.

You can count on him as your thoughtful lawyer.

Contact him, he will help you.

– S.H. (5 star review)

Poss of MJ — Dismissed Mr. Michael Robinson is the ideal attorney for criminal and traffic cases. From the very first phone calls to the sit down consultation to the end result, he helped me through everything, literally step by step. I was charged w possession of MJ and was endlessly researching reasonable lawyers around the Northern VA area. I came across his profile through this very site and called him about a week prior to my court date. He was able to help me tremendously and got my case dismissed on the very first court date! He is extremely knowledgable and is not afraid to fight for you. He cares about his clients and is not just about the money like most attorneys. He really took into consideration of my future as it was in jeapordy. I cannot thank him enough. Look no further people.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Incredible Lawyer – Success! Thank you! Michael provided the best in legal advice and care to our son on three occasions. All of them were a success! I’m a retired Marine and he gave me the care, treatment and trust that I would recommend him to all Vets! Thank you Michael.

– Mark (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney! I hired Michael to help my son who did receive a DUI in Fairfax. After speaking to several attorneys, he was the most knowledgeable as well as responsive to any questions I did have. He did get the charges reduced to Reckless Driving from DUI. Mr. Robinson and his staff are excellent and were always available to answer any questions. Do yourself a favor and hire Michael Robinson.

– Paul (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney! I would highly recommend Attorney Michael Andrew Robinson. He understood my case very quickly and the day of my hearing all my charges were dismissed.

Thank you!

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Charges Dismissed Mr. Robinson is an phenomenal attorney sent to me by God. I could never thank him enough. I was facing a petite larceny charge. I’m also on probation for a prior petite larceny and drug possession / prescription fraud charges which all took place within a year. Not only did he take my best interests at heart but also had the case dismissed. I also got cures with driving on a revoked license which was reduced to a lesser crime. I was facing two additional probation violations apart from already having a probation violation. If I was convicted of the most recent charges, I would be facing a second and third violation. I was facing a possible prison time of 4-10 years. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. If anyone is facing criminal charges or jail time, Mr. Robinson is your answer.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Best DUI/DWI Attorney Around! Attorney Micheal Robinson knows what he’s doing and always tries to get the best possible and legally correct outcome of his clients situation. He keeps things simple and never complicates his clients situation by suggesting the impossible. I was arrested on DWI charge with 0.07 BAC but It’s on 6/6/2016, I have got the second chance and have the DWI reduced to Reckless Driving with some terms and conditions. Thanks Mr. Robinson. I could assure that I will not repeat the same mistake and will not take chances against it the second time, ever.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Excellent Michael went to all extremes to help me get out of a DUI where I blew a .11 at the station. This was my first offense. He was super responsive to my needs and questions at any time. I had a difficult case as there were multiple reason the officer stopped me. He had to pull some strings but got my DUI dropped to a reckless. I would not go anywhere else for a lawyer. He know his stuff!!!

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Not Guilty of 1st DWI, BAC 0.09 on Appeal Mr. Robinson is an outstanding professional and an excellent attorney. He recommended to appeal my DWI case and I was acquitted.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

DWI Case My son had never been in trouble before and was arrested and charged with a DWI. This was a very hard time for my son and I. Being a single mom, it also took a financial as well as an emotional toll on me and my family. I didn’t know what was going to what to my son. He had his future ahead of him, graduating from college and seeking employment. Depending on how his case went would depend my son’s future. Attorney Robinson was great, he was straight forward with my son and I, which I appreciated. Because I lived away, I would communicate with him through text and e-mail and he would always respond back. My son’s case was not as bad as it could have been at all. Because of Attorney Robinson , my son was given a second chance. I would recommend Attorney Robinson to my friends and family members.

– Wanda (5 star review)

A Caring Professional & a Parents Best Friend Michael is knowledgeable and knows the system and the players and they know him. He is well know in the Fairfax legal system and well respected.

Michael is the consummate attorney. He is totally open and honest. He understands the Law and has a good working relationship with many prosecutors. He under promises and over delivers. He is calming yet candid and his results are right on target or beyond. I would use him again without hesitation and I would recommend him without reservation.

– Allen A. (5 star review)

Simply Amazing It’s been a little over a week and I’m still stunned at the “not guilty” judgement. I was charged with DUI and the evidence wasn’t exactly In my favor. Somehow, Mr. Robinson worked his magic and saved me from having a crimal record. A “thank you” and a recommendation are not nearly enough for what he did for me. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation don’t bother calling anyone else. He is amazing!!!!

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Got My Case Dismissed. Great Experience! It took me weeks to find someone I could hire to represent me for a possession of marijuana charge. I had to get the charges completely dismissed for personal reasons. However, every attorney I presented my situation to just said it would be easier to plead guilty and do the program the court would require me to do since I had no criminal record. When I met with Mr.Robinson and explained my situation he walked me through what my options were and what he could do for me. It took a couple months. However, he kept me in the loop on what was going on and was able to deliver what he committed to. I have nothing but compliments for him and his firm. Including his assistant Suzi who would answer my calls/texts.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney Attorney Robinson and his staff did a fantastic job of helping me through a very tough time. I had never been accused of a crime before and I did not know what to do or where to turn. If I had ended up with a criminal record, my family and professional life would’ve been over. Attorney Robinson was sympathetic and treated me with respect and kindness. His cellphone was always available for questions and concerns. He got me an INCREDIBLE result by reducing my felony to a misdemeanor. My family and I are so grateful we found him. Following the court judgment, I decided to select him again, this time for conviction expungement. I highly recommend him.

– Elham (5 star review)

Astounding My case was about five minutes away from being ruled against me, and somehow Michael pulled a rabbit out of the hat and all charges were dropped. I would highly recommend his ability to think on his feet.

– Bryan (5 star review)

Trustworthy! Highly Recommend Well, I got arrested and charged with DUI/DWI. This was the first time I was facing law. I was so stressed out and imagined all worst possible outcomes (which scared a hell out of me). Being a non-citizen of United States, it was a big deal for me.

I talked to couple of other lawyers but was still searching…..

Finally, I met Mr. Robinson and explained my case to him. I didn’t know what will be the outcome of my case but when i walked out of his office, I was stress free, relaxed and was 100% sure that he will pull me out of DUI charge. I was impressed by his knowledge and experience. He explained me each and every aspect and the details he provided me was really professional and recommendable. I am an IT professional and can relate to him how professional and experienced attorney he is. In person, he is a genuine individual who always give you a sense of support and he assured me that I will be okay. So, at the end, my DUI charges were dropped and got reduced to reckless driving with minimal fine and driving restrictions for few months.

I will Highly recommend Mr. Robinson to anyone who is looking for a great attorney to represent him/her case.

THANK YOU Mr. Robinson for representing my case. Really appreciate it.

– B.R. (5 star review)

DUI With Accident I presented the very challenging set of facts associated with my arrest to a number of highly rated Northern VA DUI attorneys and the majority of them saw my case as a lost cause. Michael looked at the facts and circumstances of the incident and immediately began to formulate a strategy to both attack the evidence and humanize me as a defendant. In the end, it was Michael’s skill as an attorney and relationship with both the prosecutor’s office and the Fairfax County Police Department that resulted in a reduction of charges and me avoiding a jail sentence.

Michael’s rates were more than reasonable given the quality of his legal advice and his skills in the courtroom. His personal commitment to my case was much more than I could have hoped for and made a difficult process much less painful than it otherwise could have been. While I hope to never need Michael’s services again I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking to hire a DUI attorney.

– Rich (5 star review)

DUI Involving an Accident and an Open Container I was doubtful about my case until I spoke with Michael. He was very knowledgeable and thorough and knew exactly what to ask and what kind of information to gather in order to turn my case around and make it to be advantageous for me.

First, a DUI, which is second time. Then an accident with open containers in the car.

Who would have thought anyone would be capable of dismissing or reducing? Sure enough, Michael reduced my DUI to a reckless with minimal cost and charges.

This shows how competent he is as a lawyer. He presents himself very well, confident and knowledgeable and trust worthy!

Another big thank you for making an impossible possible!

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Career Saver If you’re career is at risk due to a DUI, I highly recommend Michael Robinson. His professionalism and knowledge are second to none.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

A GREAT Experience With Michael Robinson From the beginning, my experience with Michael and his staff was Best-in-Class. Administratively, his staff was knowledge and patient in helping me through the intricacies of retaining legal representation.

Michael’s thorough understanding and complete focus on my situation was far better than I could have possibly hoped and I walked away from the process extremely satisfied and impressed with the results. If you require representation in any of his areas of legal expertise, look no farther!

– Donald (5 star review)

DWI and Refusal Dismissed! When I was charged with DWI (first offense) and refusal (first offense), I thought my life was over. Fortunately, after consulting with several attorneys, I saw Michael’s profile on AVVO. I ended up reading all of his reviews and was impressed by the results that he was able to obtain with similar DWI cases. He was confident and realistic on the phone, so I retained him shortly after the consult. Going through this was a scary time, but I felt good knowing that Michael is experienced with these cases. Upon reviewing the video evidence, he gave me some advice on how to set up my personal affairs prior to the trial, and what kind of result to expect. We agreed on goals for the outcome, and a game plan if it did not go our way. I should add that he was able to accommodate my availability, and spent time with me outside of normal office hours (both on the phone and in person).

On the date of the trial, the only thing the prosecutor was offering was a plea to the DWI and dropping the refusal charge. As we had discussed, we did not accept this and went to trial. Plan A was to make an argument that could get both charges dismissed, Plan B was to appeal it if the argument was not accepted. Fortunately, by citing previous cases and their outcomes, he was able to win the case for me, and both charges were dropped. I honestly couldn’t be happier, it’s a huge weight off my shoulders. I am really glad I retained Michael Robinson, and you should do the same!

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Charged With Reckless Driving and DUI in February 2017 On National Margarita Day of 2017 I joined some friends to celebrate after work. I drove home, I got pulled for speeding, I performed field sobriety tests, and PBT, and was arrested and charged. I was terrified, and had to wait 6 months for the trial date. Michael made no promises, and all that I envisioned in my future was a criminal offense which would haunt my record for years. He had a plan but, again, he made no promises it would work. On August 1st, 2017, I was found not guilty of DUI. A burden has been lifted off of my shoulders and I can breathe again. I cannot thank Mr. Robinson enough! His knowledge of the law is impeccable, and he has such a calm, professional demeanor. I am appealing the reckless driving charge.

I drove home today. No suspension. No restrictions.

Look no further. Choose Michael Robinson!

– Sarah (5 star review)

DUI/DWI & Refusal I was charged with a DUI/DWI 1st offense and Refusal to blow on 1st offense which would have changed the direction of my life and my career.

I did extensive research on AVVO and after speaking with several lawyers, I decided to hire Mr. Robinson to represent me because he came across as very knowledgeable and confident. Once Mr. Robinson had the chance to see the evidence of the case, a video recorded by a body camera, he assured me my case was in good shape.

The day of trial the prosecutor offered a plea deal which consisted of dropping my Refusal charge in exchange for pleading guilty to my DUI/DWI offense, but I refused to accept the deal. The case went to trial, Mr. Robinson made it seem easier than it was, and both charges were dismissed.

The favorable outcome of my case was better than I expected and I can’t thank enough Mr. Robinson and his staff for putting my life back on track.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Outstanding Attorney! There is a reason why Michael is so highly rated on Avvo – he is truly outstanding. He puts his client’s interests before anything else and works tirelessly to ensure the best results for them. When Michael could not get an inexperienced and inflexible prosecutor to agree to a lesser charge, he immediately requested a retrial and waited until a more experienced prosecutor was assigned to my case. He then successfully negotiated a reduced charge that was satisfactory to both parties. Throughout the entire process, Michael never gave up and bent over backwards to ensure the best outcome. I have since hired him again to expunge the original charge.

Michael is polite, professional, highly knowledgeable, and responds quickly to texts, phone calls, and emails. His assistant, Suzi, is also great and they work well together as a team. Needless to say, I give Michael and his firm the highest recommendation.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

DWI Charge Dismissed I was charged for a DWI 1st. I have never committed a single crime in my life. I am 41 years old. Mr. Michael Robinson is a very professional. He never give a false promise but I have read one thing from his face After we watch the video together, he was confident enough that he would win the case. Case dismissed in 2 to 3 minutes hearing.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Honest and Excellent Lawyer After doing much research on lawyers in the NOVA area, I decided to contact Robinson Law. I had been charged with possession of a controlled substance class 5 felony and two possession of controlled substance class 2 misdemeanors. It was the first time I had touched drugs in years and this relapse was my rock bottom. My girlfriend and I went to meet with Mr. Michael Robinson and knew right away that he would do a phenomenal job representing my case. We were about to leave his office and he asked my girlfriend, “do you have any questions or concerns?” to which she responded, “is he going to go to jail?” After several moments of silence he said “no- and I don’t say that lightly. I always like to be upfront with my clients and I really think we can fight this but you have to show that you want to be clean again. You aren’t a felon- you’re an addict who had a relapse and we need to show the court that you’re willing to do everything you can to get clean again and stay clean.”

He was helpful in recommending that I sign up for voluntary drug classes- which I did immediately along with proof of random clean drug screenings. My trial took 11 months because of drug labs and other obstacles– but Mr. Robinson was with me at all seven of my court dates. He was always very responsive via text, email, and phone calls when I had any questions. A week ago I had my final court date and because of the wonderful advice Mr. Robinson gave me along with his amazing knowledge and dedication– the two misdemeanors were dropped and the class 5 felony was reduced to a misdemeanor. My sentencing is six months of a restricted license. That is better than any outcome I could have hoped for. He was always encouraging and telling me that he was proud of me for staying clean and changing my life around. I never felt judged by him and could tell he was respected by everyone he talked to in the court house. I truly feel that Mr. Robinson cared about me as a person rather than just a client. I can’t recommend Robinson Law more– he helped me get my life back on track when I thought it was all going to crumble down, and I will forever be grateful.

– James (5 star review)

Amazing Both In and Out of the Courtroom Michael has represented me in DUI, Drunk in Public & Marijuana Possession cases. He is a masterful communicator who puts his clients first. He makes himself available, answers all questions, and provides a sense of relief and confidence that is much needed when coping with the legal process.

In addition to his compassion, he is a relentless defense attorney who explores every option to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. He has great relationships with judges, prosecutors, and police officers. He exudes professionalism in the court room, is extremely well spoken and carries himself with confidence all while maintaining the highest respect for the court. His colleagues notice this.

The combination of compassion, professionalism, and preparedness makes him a no-brainer when considering legal representation. I have avoided many convictions thanks to Mr. Robinson and give him my highest recommendation. There’s simply no one better to have in your corner than Michael Robinson.

– Adam (5 star review)