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When you face criminal charges, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure of how to handle the situation, especially if you aren’t in police custody awaiting trial. While you can’t guarantee the outcome, you can strengthen your case and increase your chances of success by doing the right things.

At Robinson Law, PLLC, our lawyers can help you navigate your criminal charges. Our years of experience handling state and federal criminal cases allow us to offer strategic guidance to help you move through the justice system.

What Can Help You In Your Criminal Case

Doing the following can help strengthen your case:

  • Staying off social media: Anything you post or any activity you engage in online could be used against you. If you stay off these platforms, you can limit what police and prosecutors use as evidence.
  • Being honest: Whether it’s with your defense lawyer or a prosecutor who is cross-examining you, telling the truth can make your case less stressful. The other side won’t have anything to dig up on you if you have nothing to hide.
  • Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney: It doesn’t matter what charges you face. You want to work with someone who understands your situation and can help you confidently navigate the criminal justice system. You also want someone with a track record of success in assisting defendants in seeking the outcomes they want. Robinson Law, PLLC, can do that while fighting for your rights and freedoms.

Knowing what to do is important; it’s also important to know what not to do.

What Can Hurt You In Your Criminal Case

Doing the following can limit your chances of success:

  • Trying to make amends with the alleged victim: Speaking with the alleged victim is never a good idea. Depending on the circumstances, they may have requested a no-contact order. If that’s the case, reaching out could violate the order and potentially put you in contempt of court.
  • Talking to witnesses: Judges often tell defendants not to speak with witnesses. If you do, the judge may view your actions as an attempt to intimidate or persuade them, all of which can be used against you during your trial.
  • Talking to police or prosecutors without a lawyer: Whether you’re in custody or on the stand, consult with an experienced attorney before taking questions from a police officer or prosecutor. They know how you can answer questions truthfully without giving too much away. Anything additional you give to either party without telling them could harm your case moving forward.

When your emotions run high, making mistakes can be easy – but we can help you avoid them.

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