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Arlington is a geographically small, but very population-dense county. In fact, it’s the 11 th most densely populated county in the United States. As is the case with many population-dense urban areas, the crime rate in Arlington is quite high. As a result, police are constantly on the lookout for anything that resembles criminal activity. Of course, with such an approach, it’s no surprise that Arlington is over-policed.

Facing criminal charges in Arlington is not a position anyone wants to find themselves in. However, more than 10,000 people per year are arrested in Arlington. Most of these arrests are for crimes against people, such as drug crimes, prostitution, and gun crimes. However, there are also a significant number of arrests for very serious violent crimes, especially carjacking. If you face criminal charges, the Arlington criminal defense attorneys at Lawyer Up Virginia are here to help. We have over 50 years of combined experience aggressively representing clients in Arlington and throughout Virginia in some of the most serious, high-stakes criminal prosecutions.

Where Arlington Criminal Cases Go to Trial

If you were arrested for a crime in Arlington, your case will be heard by either the Arlington District Court or the Arlington Circuit Court. Generally, Virginia district courts hear all misdemeanor cases. However, they also handle preliminary hearings in cases involving felony charges. If the government’s case survives the preliminary hearing, then the case is transferred to the circuit court. So, regardless of whether you were arrested for misdemeanor or felony charges, your case is likely to start off in Arlington District Court.

The Arlington District Court is located at:

1425 North Courthouse RoadSuite 2400Second FloorArlington, VA 22201

If you need to reach the courthouse, you can call 703-228-7900 to reach the court clerk.

What to Look for in an Arlington Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you face criminal charges in Arlington, it’s imperative that you have a dedicated defense attorney at your side. Although the law allows you to represent yourself (with the court’s approval), doing so puts you at a disadvantage. Arlington prosecutors are skilled litigators and can easily out-maneuver most defendants in the courtroom.

What Is the Most Important Thing to Look for in an Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney?

When it comes to selecting a defense lawyer, two things are critically important. The first is experience. You want a lawyer who has handled many cases that are similar to yours. This ensures that your lawyer will have thought through all the possible defenses and other issues that can only come from actually trying cases in front of a jury.

The second thing to remember is that you want a lawyer who regularly practices in the court that will hear your case. Although judges are all bound by the laws of Virginia, every judge is their own person and views legal issues according to their own beliefs and experiences. Having a lawyer who is familiar with the judge who will ultimately hear your case gives you an advantage in that your lawyer will know what defenses are most likely to succeed. The same goes for knowledge of the local prosecutors; the better your lawyer knows the prosecutors, the better they can position your case for a favorable plea agreement if that is something you desire.

At Lawyer Up Virginia, our office is located a short drive from the Arlington General District Court. Our Arlington criminal defense attorneys regularly represent clients facing a wide range of offenses, including the following:

  • Domestic violence offenses
  • Drug cases
  • DUI and DWI charges
  • Gun crimes and weapons offenses
  • Juvenile offenses
  • Sex crimes
  • Traffic citations
  • Violations of probation

Given that we’re often handling cases at Arlington General District Court, we’ve become familiar with the way judges and prosecutors handle our clients’ cases, giving us inside knowledge that can make the difference in your case.

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