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No matter what crimes the government claims you committed, defending against criminal charges is a situation no one wants to find themselves in. However, this is not a journey you need to embark on alone. At Robinson Law, our dedicated team of Fairfax County criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience defending the rights of clients facing all types of crimes. We have more than 50 years of combined experience defending the rights, freedom, and future of our clients.

Where Will my Fairfax County Criminal Case Be Heard?

Virginia has a three-tiered court system in which all criminal trials are heard by the trial courts. Virginia has two types of trial courts, district courts and circuit courts. District courts handle less serious misdemeanor cases, while the circuit courts handle felony cases. District courts also hear preliminary hearings for felony cases. if the case survives the preliminary hearing, it is then transferred to the circuit court. Thus, regardless of the type of case you face, it will almost certainly start off in the district court.

While the Fairfax District Court does not hold jury trials for misdemeanor cases, anyone found guilty in a district court has an automatic right to appeal in the corresponding circuit court.

The Fairfax County District Court as well as the Fairfax County Circuit Court are both located at:

4110 Chain Bridge Road, Room 204Fairfax, VA 22030

How Do I Get a Police Report After a Fairfax Arrest?

If you’ve been arrested for a crime, you may not know exactly what you are accused of doing wrong. Obtaining a police report is a good way to get a better idea of what you’re facing. To obtain a police report in Fairfax County, you need to contact the local police department in the city where you were arrested. Keep in mind, however, that some police reports may not be publicly available if they involve certain types of crimes, such as sex offenses.

The Importance of Selecting a Qualified Attorney

When it comes to something as important as your freedom, everything must be done to secure the best result possible. Thus, your decision of which Fairfax County criminal defense attorney represents you is critical. You deserve an attorney who is not only familiar with the laws and how to use them in your favor, but also who understands the local court that will hear your case.

At Robinson Law, our skilled Fairfax County criminal defense attorneys are uniquely dedicated to each of our clients. We take the time to get to know you, the circumstances of your arrest, and what is important to you before we develop a comprehensive defense strategy to take on the government’s allegations. We have decades of experience litigating cases in front of the very judges who will hear your case, and understand what arguments these judges will find most compelling. We also have worked opposite to the Fairfax County prosecutors, and know how they perceive these cases. This gives us a unique ability to position our clients for favorable plea agreements, whenever that is an option.

We Handle the Following Cases in Fairfax County

As an experienced Fairfax County criminal defense law firm, our lawyers handle all types of cases. Some of the cases we most often handle include:

Regardless of the nature of the crime you face, your record, or the amount of evidence in the prosecution’s file, Robinson Law can help you create a compelling defense to the charges.

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If you have a criminal case in Fairfax County, reach out to the Fairfax County criminal defense attorneys at Robinson Law to schedule a free consultation. Among the promises we make to every client is that we vow to take your case as seriously as you do. From the moment you pick up the phone to call us, you will see what makes us different. We truly care about our clients, and do everything we can to make sure that your arrest has as little impact on your future as possible. Whether we are arguing to keep potentially harmful evidence out of trial, negotiating with prosecutors in favor of a favorable plea deal, or litigating your case in front of the judge or jury, we have what it takes to provide you with the defense you deserve. To learn more, and to schedule a free consultation, give Robinson Law a call at 703-542-3616. You can also connect with us through our online form.