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Located on the Rappahannock River, Fredericksburg is known for its critical roles in Virginia’s colonial era and the US Civil War. Tourism is one of the city’s primary revenue generators, but this concentration of people can lead to increased crime in certain areas of the city. Whether you are a resident or a visitor of Fredericksburg, some criminal and traffic offenses may have severe penalties with lifelong effects. Regardless of the nature of the crime, it is always in the defendant’s best interest to have an experienced criminal lawyer in court. Call us today for your free consultation: 703-542-3616

Attorney Benjamin Griffitts frequently represents clients who are facing criminal and traffic charges in Fredericksburg. As a resident of neighboring Stafford County, Attorney Griffitts is familiar with Fredericksburg’s court processes and personnel. He has represented hundreds of defendants on DUI charges, assault, theft and drug crimes, sex offenses and traffic matters. Attorney Griffitts offers free consultations and may be reached at 703-542-3616.

Attorneys for Criminal and Traffic Charges in Fredericksburg

Many of our clients facing charges in Fredericksburg are first time offenders. Hiring a criminal attorney does not have to be a difficult process. When researching the best lawyers for your case, it is important to look for experience level, jurisdictional familiarity, communication style and client reviews.

Attorney Benjamin Griffitts handles our firm’s Fredericksburg, Stafford and Spotsylvania cases. He has decades of experience handling criminal and traffic charges in these counties. Each case has its own fact pattern and circumstances, and Attorney Griffitts knows how to examine the nuances of each criminal charge. He provides his clients with his cell phone number to streamline communication throughout your representation.

Common charges in Fredericksburg include DUI/DWI, reckless driving, assault and battery, larceny, drug crimes and sex offenses. Robinson Law has been representing defendants on these matters for several decades. Our criminal lawyers will work closely with you to understand your perspective, examine the facts, and build a defense that is unique to your objectives. Contact us today at 703-542-3616.

Fredericksburg Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court

If you are a juvenile defendant or have been charged with domestic violence, your case will be heard in the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court. In addition to domestic assault and battery, we often represent individuals who have been charged with strangulation, abduction/kidnapping, and sex offenses. The records in this court are sealed from the public to protect the juvenile or victim’s identity.

Domestic assault or assault and battery on a family member is a common offense in Fredericksburg. This charge may have serious consequences, even when the victim wants to drop the charge. When a domestic dispute call is made in Virginia, the responding officers are required by law to make an arrest. It is critical that the defendant has a skilled attorney for assault and battery with them in court.

Some common juvenile crimes in Fredericksburg include underage DUI, larceny and theft crimes, drug possession and drug distribution. Many of our juvenile clients are first time offenders who are spending time with the wrong people. Discovering your teenager has been charged with a crime or involved in criminal activity triggers high levels of stress. Our attorneys will work with you to guide your child through the court process and help him or her understand the potential consequences. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.