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Spotsylvania, VA

Located between Richmond and Washington D.C., Spotsylvania is one of Virginia’s fastest growing counties. Spotsylvania is southwest of Fredericksburg and Stafford and the county is famous for its rich US history. While a beautiful place to live, crime in Spotsylvania is common. Not all criminal attorneys who practice in northern Virginia travel as far south as Spotsylvania.

If you have pending criminal or traffic charges in this jurisdiction, you will need a lawyer who is a staple defense attorney in the Spotsylvania courthouse. The attorneys of Robinson Law frequently represent individuals who are charged with DUI, assault, larceny, and drug offenses in Spotsylvania. Contact us today for your free consultation: 703-542-3616

Virginia Criminal Lawyers Serving Spotsylvania

Attorney Benjamin Griffitts has twenty years of experience fighting for his clients’ rights in Spotsylvania. Navigating your criminal charge can be an intimidating process, but hiring the best attorney for your case does not have to be complicated. It is important to examine the attorney’s experience level with your specific charge, where the attorney practices and the reviews of past clients. Attorney Griffitts handles the following cases in Spotsylvania:

Spotsylvania Criminal Attorneys for Juveniles

Hiring a defense attorney who is experienced in juvenile crimes is not always a simple task. While some criminal defense attorneys frequently represent adults, not all lawyers understand the juvenile system thoroughly. Our lawyers represent juveniles across Virginia, and we know how stressful the process is for parents.

Most of our juvenile clients are first time offenders, and the goal for the juvenile system in Virginia is to rehabilitate rather than punish. However, some juveniles may be tried as adults, depending on the nature of the crime and the juvenile’s age. Whether your child has been charged with underage DWI, theft or drug crimes, you will need a criminal attorney who is skilled in juvenile defense. Contact us now at 703-542-3616.