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Virginia Beach is not known for high crime rates. However, this isn’t necessarily because there is less crime, but because the type of crime in Virginia Beach isn’t the type that makes headlines. In reality, Virginia Beach has a higher crime rate than most other cities in the state; it’s just that most arrests stem from property crimes rather than violent crimes. If you’ve been arrested, you need a lawyer who is ready to stand up for your rights. At Robinson Law, PLLC, our dedicated team of Hampton Roads criminal defense attorneys are available to immediately meet with you to start working on your defense.

Where Are Criminal Cases Heard in Virginia Beach?

Criminal trials are heard in one of two courthouses depending on the seriousness of the crime. All crimes in the state are either misdemeanors or felonies. State law defines a misdemeanor as an offense that carries a maximum punishment of less than 12 months in jail.

Generally, district courts hear misdemeanor trials, and circuit courts hear felony trials. However, district courts also hear preliminary hearings in felony cases.

The address for the General District Court is:

2425 Nimmo ParkwayVirginia Beach, VA 23456-9057

The address for the Circuit Court is:

2425 Nimmo ParkwayBuilding 10 & 10B, 3rd FloorVirginia Beach, VA 23456-9017

The Virginia Beach criminal defense lawyers at Robinson Law have decades of experience handling all types of cases. From the moment you bring us on your team, we will get to work investigating the case, developing a defense strategy, drafting pretrial motions, and whatever else we need to do to keep your future secure.

How Can a Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Help in My Case?

A Virginia Beach criminal defense attorney will immediately begin preparing your case, including conducting an investigation, reviewing all legal grounds to keep harmful evidence out of trial, and negotiating with prosecutors to eliminate the most serious charges. The sooner you reach out to an attorney, the more quickly they can get started creating a compelling defense to whatever charges you face.

Types of Cases We Handle

At Robinson Law, we hold firm to the belief that everyone deserves the highest level of representation, regardless of the government’s allegations. We’ve handled cases involving almost every crime in the book. Some of the more common cases we handle include:

Theft offenses – Most arrests in Virginia Beach involve property crimes, including theft. Theft refers to a broad range of offenses, ranging from shoplifting to robbery to larceny. Because theft is such a problem in Virginia Beach, prosecutors pursue strict penalties, even for first-time offenders.

DUI/DWI Arrests

People come to Virginia Beach to have a good time. However, if you get arrested for a Virginia Beach DUI, your vacation is over. Not only that, but you may lose your job, your license and face other lifelong consequences if you are convicted. If you face DUI charges , it is imperative you consult with an attorney.

Drug Crimes

The recreational use of drugs is common in Virginia Beach, especially among those visiting from other parts of the state. In an effort to “clean up” Virginia Beach, police and prosecutors have recently taken an especially aggressive approach when it comes to both drug possession and possession with intent to sell drugs.

Gun Crimes

Virginia has some of the harshest penalties for gun crimes and weapons offenses. In certain situations, a conviction for a Virginia Beach weapons offense carried a mandatory minimum sentence.

At Robinson Law, we also represent clients in a wide range of other crimes common in the area, such as providing alcohol to minors, juvenile offenses disorderly conduct, allegations of domestic violence and more.

Contact an Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney Today

If you face criminal charges in Virginia Beach, you need a local lawyer who is familiar with the police, prosecutors, judges and common customs. At Robinson Law, our Virginia Beach criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights from the moment we begin working on a case. We take the time to understand what is important to you and use this to develop a compelling defense so you can rest at ease knowing your case—and your future— are in good hands. To learn more, and to schedule a free consultation with one of our Virginia Beach criminal defense attorneys, call 703-542-3616.